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Why are Women always considered the weaker sex??

A Devi as domain worshipped for money and fame, but on the existence does she even sustain, an individuality to her gain.

As a baby in the womb sex discriminating being a protocol, illegal mentioning gender, but still many follow the orthodox norms of society as a boy born being solely derived as ' The Vansh' (Dynasty) taking the name of the family heritage ahead, but as a girl born a people in the house faces go long as a fiddle, Arra Ladki paida hui hai kya?? ( Is a girl born?) But is being born as a girl actually her fault, then why is a toddler is targeted?

From being a toddler to growing up days Restrictions is in her roots of existence.

Whether it's some unexpected incident occurring in the house or befall on a person, she is always related as auspicious to a curse for the family.

Going out in nights is for men, and if she goes a different sign to proclaim. Why is one woman another woman's best enemy?? Giving her titles doesn't hesitate for opportunities any other than the older generation that to the name of tradition? Today as we reach the 21st Century, where a woman proved her potential being greater whether reaching to the moon to running a nation or a business tycoon, but why is she a feel of inferiority still tagged a disability, still cases of rapes, dowry, torture still sworn to by men.

Will, there ever be rising of Durga (Goddess) returning from the cruelty of pain to prove a superiority as domain???

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