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September black rain

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

A recall on halcyon days from yore alleys

As September drowns the gallons of salted rains,

It just seemed yesterday,

Handful words uttered

A communication -

" Will speak with you another day"

Never in lulls of deep had a nightmare,

Of you leaving me like an Autumn struck deep dried fallen leaf,

The Brooke of my life has paused in motion picture practical reels

Deep down there is a tsunami of ocean shattering pieces within me,

Unforgettable that ICU hospital days,

As you lay frozen in time like a piece of chunk the heartbeats hazy n monitor with blank straight lines of display

That day a thunderstorm had struck me,

Didn't know it was-

//The end // of together put saga that set itself free,

Won't you realise or see in those deep lit flames that you have not burnt alone,

But somewhere down those radiant pyres

that took a piece of me,

It's is said -

All good things come to an end

But why doesn't the feel of these grey metaphors feel end too,

Why do I see these lonesome blues?

And then day as chosen by destiny

Carrying your ashes

in holy hot spring bed,

Never imagined in my nightmares the feel of flesh to a day of ashes,

This jeopardy of hearts would bring,

Is my life done without you,

Your shifting to another realm


All those memories of you drain my heartbeats,

And wish if there was a time machine a lasting opportunity for the same old repeats,

But (Ma)

Some emotions are meant to bleed

Can't your soul see-

The grave pit of sorrow my heart is coughing in vain trying to catch up with you on that eternal train

Sometimes a gusty feel hacks

cuckoo out of brains

Daring on these pains,

Am I just living in that past

The unforgettable day of -

"September Black Rain."

This post is a part of ‘UMeU’ Poetry Blog Hop #UMeUBlogHop organized by Manas Mukul . The hop is brought to you by Soul Craft and You, Me & The Universe

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