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Is your mother-in-law toxic or a Blessing in disguise

A woman's marriage means a whole lot of ceremonies to keep upright with a smiling face,

greeting, and commitments starting to a new life. Of course, you have the hand of your loved soul mate beside you, but is it just enough for a newly wedded bride, Yes there are expectations and also the pride of self-esteem. Fact is a woman is not married to a groom but an entire family of his where she is liable to stay to the epitome, but then enters the role of a mother in law it's a bias question that is all of them are manipulators?

But it's not like grass is always green on the other side, it's the patience of another woman and upbringing with choices to keep quiet or start a feud.

But there is a woman who is an enemy to another woman, is it the insecurity of a mother, that sharing her son would mean he turning away from and stop respecting her, the grudges for another new lady empowering a house that a mother has made obviously would make anyone at stake, and she cross-firing as it her territory and she is engaged by a new bride with a spear is obviously no good sounding to ears. Taking from there too she being a vamp and ill-talking as venom to her son's ears is right from her part to do. The restricting territory of the kitchen to herself (mother- in- law) is not fair adequate. Making norms for the family so as to monopolize is a hard truth for a new bride to digest too. That's why marriages today are on the verge of a breakup from the first few months of marriage, where a newly bride tries to understand the people she gonna live up with leaving a childhood home requires adjustments and sacrifices to be done, but is it peanuts to adjust with a dictator giving instructions on every call, respecting to a certain limit as being an elder is good, but after a certain point when things go out of place a woman needs to stand up for her rights even if that means standing against new home she so tried to make it her own, but no one needs a Hitler bossing you with just instructions,

Why does a mother-in-law forget she was also in shoes of a daughter-in-law too, but it's a myth that all mother-in-law are scapegoats there are some who bend down all the way to be good as a human and woman understanding the feel of another woman, adjusting and explaining rather than taunting the other woman with the open firing on her flaws, so right attitude matters and tone in which said, but if a woman is all about richness and won't bend down her pride being her protocol then there we can't expect a home running on good expectancy she will crib and try to exfoliate drama queen then a trifle can never settle. It requires two hands to clap similarly it requires counter firing from both sides to start a war, but if it's only one side-firing then you can expect the peace on the other end. An act of diplomatic grounds being peaceful and adjusting may squeak in only if the sacrifice and living together as a family is on the mind and not let history rewind.

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