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Does Humanity prevail in the dark?

Of recent social media is bombarded about an article on inhumanity done on an animal, we might have a soft corner to hearing or glimpsing it on news channels, but it's only a pass away shower kind of impact maybe till the topic is hot selling like cakes.

But maybe say till days after when the incident is forgotten as often it all slides off from our minds, will there be any implication done for that particular incident, I don't think many would even bother to even know on the justice part for an innocent animal.

In short, my significance here is as humans Have we all lost touch with humanity??

Are we all not breeding on inhumanity and core suckers on greed and avarice. Whoever does something today let it be alone for gratitude and if one does he/she announces on social media of course with an attitude. In this journey of life, man has needs and wants and previously i.e. early hunters(caveman days) they used to hunt for them, and today man he thrives and goes to an extreme level of greed to fulfill them let it alone be on the grave of another man.

We share an incident where a leopard eating a deer it's natural for an animal to hunt for its prey it's jungle rule, 'Kill for survival' but aren't we ignorantly actually following the jungle norms where a man in actual breed wanting to target the weaker for its hungry needs.

In end would like to conclude let's wake up as humans that the creator made us stand by the principles of

"Live and Let Live".

For we still are living in a society where compassion needs to be defined and greed goes for materials to outshine. Let us all live up to making a better future generation by presenting our thinking first not on us but for humanity in general.

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