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Greetings to all,

Hi, I'm Soni Mirchandani, this web page is very close to my heart and is filled with contents related to my dream project. It has lots of content on blogs, poems, short stories and articles as I also intend to stay focused on a cause for a woman in society too.

Visiting my page ensures you to explore to my world as an obsessed writer and my niche for creative writing on Lifestyles. I hope you all viewers on my web page will find it interesting and can relate to personal aspects.

Thanks to all for visiting my page.

Dedicated to U(Mom)

माँ तेरी याद…. माँ तेरी याद को मैं क्या समझू सुबा की वो पहली धूप याह शाम की वो चंचल हवा याह रात की वो चंदा मामा के कहानियां और किसो की...

September black rain

A recall on halcyon days from yore alleys As September drowns the gallons of salted rains, It just seemed yesterday, Handful words...

Does Humanity prevail in the dark?

Of recent social media is bombarded about an article on inhumanity done on an animal, we might have a soft corner to hearing or glimpsing...

Maa kahaa hai tu..

Yaad hai mujhaay, chothi si thi main, Mera khel kar girna par aasu aakar pooach leti thi tu, Aj jab zindagi na dard diyaa, toh baatha na...

Why are Women always considered the weaker sex??

A Devi as domain worshipped for money and fame, but on the existence does she even sustain, an individuality to her gain. As a baby in...


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